AMRAZ-E-UZN (Diseases of the ear)

1. WAJ'UL-UZN (Pain in the ear)

It is caused by excessive heat or cold, formation of pimples, boils etc.

Prescription No. 1

Dhatura leaves Q.S.

Method of preparation  : Extract the juice of Dhatura leaves.

Administration              : Instil 2 drops (Lukewarm) in the ear.

Prescription No. 2

Fresh leaves of Mooli Q.S.

Method of preparation   :  Extract 180 ml. of juice from fresh leaves of mooli, add 60 ml. of sesame oil and heat the mixture until the water evaporates.

Administration              : Instil 2 drops (lukewarm) in the ear.

Prescription No. 3

Kamila 2g.
Sesame Oil 12ml.

Method of preparation : Boil Kamila in the oil and strain.

Administration           : Instil 2 drops in the ear.

prescription No. 4

Sukhdarshan Q.S.

Method of preparation   : Extract the juice and Instil

Aministration                : 2 drops in the ear.

Prescription No. 5

Lahsan (Garlic)  
Sesame oil  

Method of preparation   : Deep fry three cloves of lahsan in 10 ml. of oil and strain.

Administration              : Instil 2 drops (lukewarm) in the ear.

Note : Use of the above prescriptions may be avoided if there are boils in the ear.

Prepared Medicines :
1. Roghan Turb        Instil 2 drops in the ear.

Note : A physician may be consulted for proper treatment.

2. SAILAN-UL-UZN (Discharge from the ear)

A purulent discharge from the ear with or without pain. A foul smell is also present.

Prescription No.1

Mazu 1 number.
Sharab (Wine) 25 ml.

Method of preparation : Make fine powder of Mazu and mix it with wine.

Administration           : Instil 1 to 2 drops in the ear.

Prescription No. 2

Burnt Suhaga Q.S.
Lemon juice

Method of preparation  : Make a fine powder of Suhaga.

Administration            : Put a pinch of powder in the ear then instil 2 to 3 drops of Lemon juice.

Prescription No. 3

Samandar Jhag 1 g.
Juice of Neem leaves 6 ml.
Honey 6 g.

Method of preparation : Grind samandarjhug with juice of neem leaves, mix honey and strain.

Administration          : Instil 2 drops in the ear.

Prescription No. 4

Raskapoor 250 mg.
Latex of Bargad 12g.

Method of preparation : Dissolve raskapoor in latex of bargad.

Administration           : Instil 2 to 3 drops in the ear.

Note : This prescription is to be administered only in chronic cases.

Instruction : Ear drops should be used after cleaning the ears with cotton swab.

Prepared Medicine :

1 Roghan Kamila     Instil 2 to 3 drops in the ear.

3. WARM-E-ASL-UL-UZN (Mumps)

Swelling between the ear and throat with pain, fever and difficulty in swallowing; generally it is on one side but sametimes both sides area affected simultaneously.

Prescription No. 1

Afsantin 3 g.
Mako  6 g.
Unnab 5 numbers.

Method of preparation : Boil in 120 ml. of water, strain and sweeten with sugar.

Administration           : Twice daily.

Prescription No. 2

Kernel of Karanjwa Q.S.

Method of preparation :   Make a fine powder.

Administration           :    500 mg. of the powder with water twice daily.

Prescription No. 3

Powdered Geru or
Powder of Jadwar
Juice of fresh Dhania leaves 5ml.

Method of preparation : Mix and make a paste.

Administration           : Apply the paste on the affected part, two to three times a day.

Prescription No.4

Gil-e-Multani or
Chikni Mitti (Clay)

Method of preparation : Grind with water to make a
and administration      :    paste and apply.

Prescription No. 5

Aspaghol Q.S.

Administration    :     Soak in water for fifteen minutes and apply.

Prepared Medicines :

Any of the following may be taken:

1. Majoon Ushba 6g. with water at bed time.
2. Tiryaq Arba 6g. with water at bed time.

Instructions : Patient should take complete rest to avoid complications.

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