Common Home Remedies In Unani System of Medicine

Unani system of Medicine is an integral part in the Health Care Delivery System of the country. The National Health Policy also lays emphasis on optimal utilisation of all Indian systems of Medicine and Homeopathy including unani medicine in primary health care delivery system. The Unani System of Medicine is practiced across the country as a beneficial system. This medicine is easily available, easy to administer, safe and economical.

In the field of Medical relief, the crying need is the dissemination of information relating to prevention and safe cure of diseases. In every village, however remote or inaccessible it may be, one can always find few practitioners of Indian Systems of Medicine. The literate people, endowed with qualities of leadership, may not also be lacking in the villages. Efforts may therefore be made to use them as a vehicle for dissemination of medical information to every household.

This section of Common Remedies in Unani System of Medicine has been designed by the Council for the common man. It contain simple household remedies for common ailments. No complex pharmaceutical methods or process are involved. This section  incorporates herbal, mineral and animal drugs which are readily, therapeutically effective and safe enough and are inexpensive. Information on hygiene and diet also finds a place in this section.

Treatment of serious and complicated diseases has not been included in this section for negligence in such cases may endanger the life of the patient. Only simple remedies for common ailments have been prescribed and are not to be used in the initial stages of the diseases. If the patient does not show improvement, a physician may immediately be consulted or the patient should be referred to the nearby hospital.

Instructions regarding preparation of medicines, there usage and preservation have also been appended. Details of child doses, etc. have also been given on a separate chart.

The remedies and the types of the disease included  cover a wide range of day-to-day illnesses which one comes across everywhere. These have been carefully gone into by a team of experienced Hakims who were associated with this work . Every care has been taken to ensure that full and detailed instructions are given here.

For a single disease more than one one formulation is prescribed in this compilation so that the patient could make use of the one which is available in his surroundings. For the same reason, compound drugs have also been included and the patients can use whichever are available near their normal places of residence.

The Book on this topic is also available in various langauges.

AMRAZ-E-RAS (Diseases of the Head)

AMRAZ-E-AIN (Diseases of the Eye)

AMRAZ-E-UZN (Diseases of the Ear)

AMRAZ-E-ANF (Diseases of the Nose)

AMRAZ-E-FAM (Diseases f the Mouth)

AMRAZ-E-HALQ (Diseases of the Throat)

AMRAZ-E-SADR (Diseases of the Chest)

AMRAZ-E-SADI (Diseases of the Breast)

AMRAZ-E-MEDA (Diseases of the Stomach)

(Diseases of the Liver and Spleen)

(Diseases of the Intestine)

(Diseases of the Kidney and Bladder)

AMRAZ-E-MARDANA (Diseases of the Male)

(Diseases of the Female)


AMRAZ-E-JILD (Skin Diseases)

(Miscellaneous Diseases)


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